Leadership 101- Grade F

President Obama is a horrible President. Politics aside he is a poor leader. When history speaks about him it will say he was a President who preferred to golf and couldn’t make decisions. He wanted to be President, but not do any more work just because of that.

His idea of leadership is to let others work on solutions only to say no while doing nothing of his own. Looking at the fiscal cliff in December and now the debt ceiling he has no plan of his own. His plan is merely telling others that their plans aren’t close enough to his plan…whatever his plan is.

Here we are facing two separate fiscal issues a matter of weeks apart and he is instead only speaking about gun control. Also an issue of which he delegated responsibility to VP Joe Biden. Working on gun control with the finance problems America is dealing with is like securing the poisonous chemicals in your home in a safe cupboard while the entire house is on fire. It’s a rather large misdirection of effort.

A good, let alone great leader, will take on problems with responsibility. Handling it because they are the one in charge, even if the task at hand falls outside of their direct responsibility. Beyond taking responsibility, a good leader will find a way to do the things he needs to without stepping outside the lines.

Here’s two videos to help understand leadership. Whether you prefer success and leadership guru Tony Robbins or a group of kids from the 80’s.


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  1. He loves the perks that come with power, but he doesn’t like the process or actual mechanism for power. Looking at his life, it seems to suit his previous choices. He never was a leader in life, lost himself in comic books, floated on with no real friends in college, drifted here and there in adulthood with no career, and wrote two books about himself. He constantly pretended to be a different person to a different crowd and forever had identity issues, not just racial ID issues, but who he was. It’s sad he didn’t square that and clung to his childhood fanta-, sorry, desire to be president. Whether D or R, we need someone to clean out the crony banksters.

  2. I am glad we agree about this. He is a hypocrite. Plain and simple.

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