Moore On Leadership

Following yesterday posts on Obama’s lack of leadership I want to continue with more examples of leadership.

Below is video of LTG. Hal Moore. Moore was immortalized in the book and film We Were Soldiers, Once and Young by Joe Galloway. If you don’t know it, go read the book then watch the movie.

Now for Moore on leadership;


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  1. Most of the new ‘officers’ are a joke. Soft bodied pencil pushers. Even our generals are a joke.

    • They truly are. Too much of the officers now might as well be corporate executives. Instead of promoting those who proved themselves by excelling in the battlezone we chuck them out for politicians in uniforms. The air force is probably the worst at this today.

  2. From the time they start out the average officer has so many squares to fill no person of merit could accomplish the task. You basically have to be a pencil pusher and shmoozer (I do know a few good high ranking officers, but they are rare). Spend too much time in a combat zone and that interferes with your career progression…if you are doing actual combat. On the other hand, you can get your medal and recognition for serving in a combat zone if you take a tour in the ME but sit the whole time in the office processing government contracts. It’s an mess.
    I’ve heard it described this way: When you make Major, they take away your mouth. When you make Lt Colonel they take away your brain. When you make Colonel they give you the mouth back (they never give back the brain).

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