Hate Group Selection and Projection

Catholic church as a hate group. I recall seeing that headline blurb a few days ago.

A google search brings up a number of results, such as this one.

Liberals love to talk about tolerance, but rarely practice such things. This is another fine example.

What I want to know is, isn’t labeling a group a hate group in fact a hateful act? To say that the Catholic church are bad people and should be labeled as such while being forced to go underground in order to avoid the public persecution sounds like a pretty hateful act.

I don’t say that there aren’t legitimate hate groups in the world, but that the baseless picking of conservative groups on pure political propaganda is more in line with those hate groups than the victims they’ve set their sights on.


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  1. It is Ok for me but not or thee.

    You must remember we have lived to see the day when a black POTUS would excuse away a man’s membership in the KKK solely because the dead man was a long time Democrat.

  2. I finally got my first feminazi on my blog… hahah man people and their lack of preception of reality. Watch out, you’ll be next.

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