Diversity is BS

Diversity is bullshit because it focuses on what seperates people rather than what they have in common. To classify people in any way is to differentiate between them. It is with those differences that they do not have a natural respect for diversity. It’s really shrewd business when you think about it. Tell people that they are all of different groupings and then rake in the cash later when you sell your bullshit about how they need to respect each others diversity. The diversity you made a point of bringing up.

The banner of diversity is a liberal idea. Liberals love to talk about the need for diversity. Conservatives on the other hand don’t talk much about diversity, they don’t talk about it because they pay no mind to what’s different about how you look. For conservatives it’s the content of your character that matters, while for liberals the color of your skin makes for greater cause. Of course these are generalizations, and as such are not 100% accurate but certainly consistent.

Diversity is bullshit because it creates and perpetuates the problem that it’s supposed to be correcting. A problem that isn’t really a problem in the first place. Rather, this problem is an idea. An idea in the heads of those who continually notice the differences between us. They notice those differences and demand that we respect them. Rather than bringing people together it gives them a greater reason to divide themselves.

By pointing out what a group of people are and represent you also point out what they aren’t.

It is important to accept other people regardless of whether or not they are different, it shouldn’t matter what they are. And that’s exactly the point, it shouldn’t, and to many of us it doesn’t, matter what they are, they get treated the same. What they are doesn’t matter to how we treat them, but diversity continually points out that they are something different and should be treated better because they are different and not simply because we should treat people better.


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  1. Diversity is bullshit, because the people that claim to like it don’t really it. In their telling, a group that 100% black is super diverse.

    There was an old diversity, in which a Frenchman was uniquely French and a Brit was uniquely British. That seemed to me to be rather nice. It’s gone now. When everyone mixes, the result isn’t diversity it’s uniformity.

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