Ayrton Senna was one of the greatest racing drivers the world has ever seen. Possibly it’s most talented.

He died at age 34 at the Imola circuit in 1994 at the now infamous Tamburello corner.

A few years ago I read a biography title Aryton Senna by Christopher Hilton. It was an interesting and fairly comprehensive book about a man who has not had many biographers.

In 2010 a documentary titled Senna was released, it won many awards though was not a well publicized film. I recently watched this film and it was one of the best I have ever seen. Not just one of the best documentaries, but best films ever.

Even if you don’t follow racing and aren’t familiar with the details you will still be amazed by the story in the film. Besides being a great driver what makes the Senna story so incredible is the rise to glory and its tragic end. The chronicle of Senna’s meteoric rise in Formula 1 is only matched by one of the darkest weekends in the sports history. It is a rather eery feeling that the man who would be king almost knew that he would die in a race car and that that weekend was the time for it.

If it is at all possible please go watch this movie. Check your local library, Walmart, Amazon. I promise you’ll enjoy it.


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