Govt. Causing, Then Trying to Fix Individual Failure

The front page of the Sunday newspaper is usually a cause of head hanging sadness. Today was no exception. There’s the headline from the Detroit Free Press.

Education advocates seek more money to make sure more kids can succeed in kindergarten.

Here’s the first two paragraphs for a littler better understanding of the matter.

Thousands of kids each year get their first taste of failure when they’re forced to repeat kindergarten. That’s fueling a push for the state to invest more money in preschool education for the state’s neediest kids.

Statewide, more than 13,000 children had to repeat kindergarten during the 2010-11 school year because they weren’t academically, socially or emotionally prepared for first grade. Though some were in a two-year developmental program, lawmakers and educators are concerned that a chunk of them represent a mounting problem: too many children entering kindergarten unprepared.

How surprised are they going to be if they “do something” about this only to find out in a few years that their efforts didn’t work.

If kids aren’t prepared for kindergarten it isn’t because the resources to teach them how to count or attempt to write weren’t available. It’s because their parents suck.

Just like the Tyson chicken tenders these kids eat every day don’t provide a good diet, not getting encouragement at home from mom and dad to work on developing basic education skills means at homes, surprise surprise, the kids aren’t prepared.

We don’t spend  12+ years in school learning so we can pass geography quizzes, but so we can be prepared to handle life. Learning and education are not exclusive to school. Unfortunately as a consequence of big government doing everything for you, people don’t make that connection.

I know this first hand. I don’t have kids, I have nephews, two of them. My parents and I spend more time with these kids than their actual parents. If left to their parents my nephews would be full on nitwits. As I asked my younger nephew just last week, “Why do you always spend so much time getting me to play with you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do things with your parents?” As he wasn’t in tune to my sarcastic rhetorical question, he replied “Cause I just want someone to play with”.

Fortunately for him and his brother, they have my parents and me. People who have possess some amount of intelligence and realize it’s better to actually spend time with a kid, than it is to put in the 3rd DVD of the day because you’re a lazy shit parent who’d rather watch TV all day.

As a result of the years spent rectifying things my two nephews are actually pretty smart young whippersnappers. They like school. They like learning, they like writing and doing math, and being with other kids. They like school so much that they actively do the things they do at school at home simply because they want to.

The government tried to replace parents by being the one who would take care of everything and it failed. Now you have a generation of parents who aren’t even aware that their supposed to be participating in their kids lives other than as chauffeur.

The government causeth and the government maketh worse.


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  1. “If kids aren’t prepared for kindergarten it isn’t because the resources to teach them how to count or attempt to write weren’t available. It’s because their parents suck.”

    I agree the parents must suck, but daayamn…how much preparation should one really need for kindergarten anyway?
    That’s usually where they learn to do basic things like count (even watching Sesame street and nothing else should take care of that one though) and start attempting to write. What does one have to do (or not do) to actually fail kindergarten I have to wonder?

    • I know of two kids the same age as me, from my neighborhood, who were held back in 2nd grade. They had good parents and families that were just as involved as mine, but they simply needed a little more development in certain areas. Of them one got over it and it just turns out to have been a speedbump, the other got it over it but it was more of a recurring theme.

      Fact is kids like learning, there really should be very few kids who can’t manage the kindergarden curriculum. It’s was one thing when it used to be the occasional exceptions like my two neighbors along with some poor kids who have stunted development, but it shouldn’t be happening in great numbers nor in middle class areas. Especially not since standards are down anyway.

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