Gun Control versus Immigration

Generally you can’t compare issues directly because they each have different circumstances. If they could be compared directly, then they would be the same issue and not even be compared.

With that said let’s compare issues.

Banning guns is the best way(according to progressives) to stop/reduce crime, in particular the 11,000 gun murders in America per year.

Therefore shouldn’t it follow that banning illegal aliens would reduce the amount of illegal immigration occurring?

Of course there different issues so this is where the circumstances would come in, which we’re going to overlook for now.

If in both instances it is a crime/bad thing, why is it being scorned in one manner and rewarded in the other.

My position on immigration is one of assimilation. When immigrants come to The United States of America to become Americans, I’m all for it. I believe that mentality is far more beneficial, for both the immigrant and country, than letting in every Juan, Luis, and Cesar who have no desire to become Americans and are simply here for the benefits.

Part of the problem is that they don’t speak English and are simply run through the system in order to beef up the system itself, but it is in no small part helped by so easily handing out so many rewards and benefits to those who make no effort to earn them.

The unmaking of Americans: How multiculturalism has undermined the assimilation ethic, by John Miller was written in 1998 and still perfectly handles the issue of immigration. The authors look through the history of American immigration provides examples left and right of properly supporting immigration versus the bureaucratic cow milking we have now.


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