Liberals Go To Wally World

At the end of National Lampoons Vacation Clark gets upset when the Griswolds arrive at Wally World only to find out the park is closed for two weeks for cleaning and repairs. Clark  responds by saying he expects some Roy Wally fun and excitement. They buy the toys, watch the movies, and they deserve to be rewarded for it. Guess again Clark. Your reward, or what you deserve, is what you paid for. You bought the toys the not to support Roy Wally but for your kids own entertainment, same as you watched the movies. You got exactly what you deserve because that is what you chose.

This is perfect liberalism summed up. Transferring it to real life, you don’t deserve anything. You don’t get any more than what you earn for yourself. The expectation that you deserve something is absurd, that somehow you should get something as a minimal conselation prize is a joke.

For arguments sake let’s say you were guaranteed a consolation prize, a certain minimal standard. Why would you want to rely on just that? There’s no limit on what you can get for yourself so why would you take just the minimum standard anyway?

Of course that doesn’t matter anyway. Life’s not fair, it’s cold, short, and brutal. You don’t even get to decide if you want to participate, you just suddenly show up and have to work your way through it. Therefore it’s no surprise that people who expect to be treated, end up with unsatisfying and miserable lives. Funny thing that being complacent with minimum standards doesn’t really provide much.


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  1. I like that, you show up with no choice and have to make your way through it.

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