Calenders, Balance, & Life

There is a certain pleasure in turning over a new month in a calender.

The pleasure isn’t actually in turning the page. But after the page has been turned, in the first moment when you notice the calender and recognize that its a new month and the calender is clean and light. The absence of slash marks and notes through past dates makes the world seem new.Calender

Though it is important to recognize that we cannot have the enjoyment of a clean new month without having scarred and weighed down the old month. It is in trampling over the ~30 days previous that we can appreciate the next ~30 of the fresh month and it’s clean looking page.

Such as it is in all aspects of life. Happiness nor even pragmatism are ever found on the edges of any spectrum. They can only be found(in their purest sense) with balance. With an understanding that what lies at the the extremes is unhealthy and impractical.

For those who are convinced they are balanced, when in reality they are at the edges, will never be satisfied. Their goals will never be achieved and they will forever remain chasing it through an endless rat race. It is their curse to spend their lives making changes to everything in order to counteract the lack of results from the previous changes they made that didn’t work.

Nature and experience repeatedly prove this. True balance cannot be forced into being with changes. Balance(and with it happiness) is more easily achieved through lack of change. Balanced is achieved by letting go and accepting that certain parts of life work in a particular way beyond your control. That doesn’t mean life is beyond  your control and you should be passive and give up, but rather that sometimes no matter what you do you cannot change the nature of life.

Balance is the key to a satisfied life. As our calender shows us we must trek through the days in the past in order to have the days of the future, which always brings us to today. Balance.


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  1. I thought calendars were nearly an anachronism in this new age with smart phones that alert us at the proper times to all appointments?

    LOVE my calendar. Glad I’m not the only hanger-on. 🙂

    • I still wear a watch too!

      After two years of use my smartphone was on the fritz more and more frequently so I switched for another. Looked at the other phones Virgin Mobile has and didn’t buy one, but instead pulled retrieved flip phone I had previously left in a drawer and reconfigured my account to it. It has the same tools, just lacks the internet, but even still it makes no difference to me cause I barely use it even for calling or texting.

      Maybe I’m horrible at being aware of the date and time and need a calender and watch, or maybe I’m just a bitter clinger.

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