Dirty Barry

The White House has released this photo of the President performing one of his many shooting adventures.The photo is of course an an attempt to rationalize that the President understands and can sympathize with all those gun owners he’s trying to criminalize. After all you can’t call someone a bitter clinger if you don’t care about them.

Still this effort at rationalization is pretty pathetic. It’s the equivalent of someone saying, “I’m not racist/homophobic, I know plenty of black/gay people”. Pretty weak argument. If you can’t win on logic, this sort of desperation only makes you look worse.

'Dirty Barry'

‘Dirty Barry’

Some people know are claiming the picture might be photoshopped. Maybe it is, but I don’t think so. Still there are plenty of signs the President has no idea how to shoot(Shocking). You can’t blame him, I have no idea how to write internet code either, because I’ve never learned. While the photo is real it’s probably(most certainly) firing a blank.

I’m a relatively new shooter, but I can tell you anybody firing a gun like that is asking for trouble. His hands are poorly placed, the butt is too high on his shoulder, his cheek is resting on the butt, and he’s standing straight up rather than leaning into it.

What’s amazing is that with such a poor position on such a large weapon the President is apparently immune to recoil. In the hands of a mere mortal that gun would buck so hard he’d drop it on account of the recoil and pain from his imminently bruised shoulder.

Which is why the gun was probably firing a blank round. Following this picture should’ve been a news story when it was taken that the President hurt himself shooting. That’s not a problem with a blank because there is little to any recoil since nothing is being fired down the barrel but smoke.

Still the photo will have the intended affect as the low-information voter won’t know the difference or care anyway.


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  1. True, too true. This shows how bad the gun confiscation plan is going. Problem si theya re applying what works on Dems to everyone. Not everyone si that stupid. The Dems routinely say they hate the rich and big biz while taking their donations and protecting them from justice (Wall St). This works on simple Dem voters. They think here that if he says he does skeet shooting and take a pic of him with a gun in hand that people will thinkt hat matters and he is gun friendly. Amateur.

  2. I doubt that he used blanks. Cost to gains wise in the interest of PR using blanks (upon discovery) would be far worse than not producing the photo in the first place. And really, no one cares anyway. This is for his constituents, not the opposition.

    I agree it is reminiscent of “black people like me!” or “gay people like me!”

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