The Perils of Bloc Voting

It’s no secret people vote for their own interests. The Oklahoma farm boy Oklahoma has a greater interest in the environment than the New York borough dwellers who think they know whats best.

However this has a downside. When people stop voting for their interests individually and start voting for their interests as a group things change.

Presently in America we are sliding further and further into this bloc voting method. Black and hispanic votes go overwhelmingly D with 95 and 70 percent rates respectively. The problem isn’t that they vote Democrat(though that is a problem in the success of society sense), it’s that they vote black or hispanic. That a group has an interest is not shocking, new, or even disruptive to the political process. What is disruptive is when a group votes not for what they think is the best choice for all, but simply the best choice for them. Essentially the arm votes that it is of more importance than the rest of the body and should be more rewarded at the expense of the body.

When a group, and not a small group such as typesetters, votes overwhelmingly for its interests it has consequences. First other groups recognize the value of rewarding themselves. The hispanics see the advantages blacks have received for their servile voting and are starting to move in that same direction. The lines are being drawn. However the problem is that when a line is drawn it does not form the basis of just one party. For there to be a line their must be two parties, one on each side.

If blacks and hispanics are drawing a line which themselves on one side, there must be someone on the other side. In America, the only group left that is large enough to counter that are whites. This is where the problem arises because amongst whites, voting is more evenly split.

This is not to debate race, that one group is better or more deserving either through performance or history to being in charge or rewarded. The point is that when the balance of power is based upon groups, the groups will be further divided as power is gained and held just as much by holding down the opponents, as it is lifting up your own.

This is not good for any country and has occurred in a great many countries, and always with a poor outcome. No country or group is better off for it, it is destructive and ruinous and will do just that. Histories examples of this often combine more than two groups. It is not so simply as left vs right. There are almost always more dynamics to the matter. This creates a situation where groups ally themselves for the time being in order to fight their other opponent. See China, Zimbabwe, Russia, Germany, Italy, most African nations, and a few Latin nations for examples.

However being allied to defeat a common enemy does not guarantee peace. Far from it. Once the enemy is defeated the allies will turn on each other and it is whoever can do so first that will run the country. Blacks and hispanics in America may have the common interest of voting D for now, but when whites have been defeated and are no longer a problem, they will turn on each other. It’s common sense really, if your ally (in name only) has the means to help defeat your other enemy, he also has the means to be a threat to you. Like a woman who has an affair with a married man. She is foolish if she expects him to be loyal to her when he has exhibited the ability to abuse trust.

As America ruins itself more and more, it is only more likely that group politics will take over. As things get worse we hold closer those things that are most basic to us. The culture of racial identity is one of tho


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  1. What doesnt help is that the two party system is nothing more than a sham to keep people in a us vs them mentality.

  2. That’s the best argument for less government. The less power people have to vote their own interests at the expense of others, the less damage they can do. A government that gives you everything can take everything away.

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