Rove it on Over

Now I’ve seen it all. Liberals attacking each other I understand. For many it’s in their nature, being angry, vicious people. But for a “conservative” to turn on his people and fully throw not just a few people but possibly the majority of his party under the bus is remarkable.

Karl Rove has started a new PAC, sorry SuperPac, to protect establishment republicans during elections where they face conservative challengers. Here’s the places I was pointed to for the story.

Karl’s supposed to be a smart guy but did he forget that 2010 was successful on the back of grassroots movements and 2012 flopped on the establishment republicans?

This is where I’ll point out that being a republican does not make one a conservative. Republican is a label like any other, you can be a republican and be anything but being a conservative requires a certain amount of principles. Not unanimous, unwavering, inflexible principles, but a generally good shooting percentage on the core belief of how government should conduct it’s business.

Even if Rove could get more Republicans elected what difference does it make when they’re indistinguishable from Democrats? Why bother.

This is an example of simple facts and wrong conclusions; perhaps modern mans worst problem. Simple facts, wrong conclusions is a situation that occurs when someone looks at statistics and draws an easy conclusion that they wouldn’t be wrong in assuming to be correct. However it is wrong because they only bothered to look one way and were so satisfied with what they found they didn’t look the other way.

Rove looked at a Romney defeat and concluded that if this center/left republican can’t beat an ultra-left democrat we must not be going far enough left. That would be the wrong conclusion.

The correct conclusion is that people didn’t elect Romney because he was a center/left Republican.

When I first saw this story last night I was angry. How could Rove be so stupid. Trying to block conservatives from running when they’re the ones who are succeeding, what a nitwit. If he’s successful it’s only go to hurt the republicans, and conservatives, in general. Good candidates will be beaten out by shills and sellouts and where will the party be then? Gone, that’s where. That’s why I stopped being angry. This could be the death knell of the old republican party.

The only potential problem is that the death of the party could drag many conservative voters with it. They could become so disgusted with the supposed conservatives they were sold that they defect or simply withdraw from the process of voting.

Good news is the republican party establishment may go down on this ship, the bad news is that it could take the wind out of the conservatives sails on its way down.

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