No More Mr. Nice Guy

I used to be a quite calm and difficult to bother person. The bias against conservatives was once just an annoyance, it made all discussion an uphill battle and thus much sweeter to enjoy in a way.

However the past couple of years have seen a change in the way conservative and logical positions are attacked. And attacked they are, no longer is it mere mockery or nose in the air sophistication that liberals have towards conservatives. It has become real hatred, they’ve taken the chance to destroy the  opposition to their ideas.

In return I’m no longer the calm person I used to be in debates. The debates are now arguments and I don’t care much about ultimately achieving balance in the end. No longer content with the status quo I’ve stopped caring if I offend them as they’ve stopped caring whether or not I exist.

Fortunately for them there are no conservative Christopher Dorners. We may be fight back argumentatively but we don’t go crazy.


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