Attitude Reflects Leadership

Just minutes ago I linked to the Chateau.

Here’s why. Roissy always challenges the status quo and leaves no point unexamined, no issue sacred. Not to mention he’s a great writer with an excellent style.

But the thought that really got me thinking was that he has certain expectations for men and women. That he recognizes the idealized version we all know and want in society but fail to find on a regular basis.

So what I pondered to myself is why don’t we have higher standards today than we did say one hundred years ago? It seems back then that things were very proper. From the personal accounts in the history books I read it seems that there was an impressive amount of unknown(to us today)  mischief going on in those times but that people still conducted themselves with dignity and standards in public than we only mock today.

So what happened from then to know?

We lost the aristocracies and truly recognized upper-classes of that time. Even the middle-classes strove to replicate as close as possible the actions and behaviors of the upper-middle and upper classes.

I quickly debunked my own idea.

We still have an upper-class, the wealthy, and the visible elites are still all around us. However instead of Kaisers, Tsars, Dukes, and Counts as our social leading lights for the bourgouise merchants and workers we now have actors, rappers, and whole families famous for literally nothing leading people who live for…literally nothing.

It is not that the upper class no longer exists it is instead that it merely has been replaced by those not of the highest pedigree but more likely the lowest.

It’s not who they are that we respect, it’s what they do that we’ll watch that makes them worthy of our highest accolades and awards.

I’m certainly not making an appeal for a return to monarchical controls, in fact I’m not even saying anything about that. I would say most of the blunders in history are due to some Lord too arrogant to think anyone else knows better.

I’m simply saying that a society is only as good as those it holds in esteem as its representatives. Looking at the representatives we have now, we should feel embarrassed for ourselves.

These are not esteemed people, these are steaming piles of excrement.


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  1. Interesting take, one thing I would add is that political correctness prevents judgement. Judgement is needed for leadership.

    Thus because we cant say ‘you look stupid as hell’ ‘that is the worst belief ever’ we continue our slide.

  2. I don’t disagree that a sort of ‘trickle down excrenomics’ are at play. If the leadership is rotten, it won’t be easy for anything of value to flourish. But values reflect a relatively complex cost/gains analysis (and often lag behind, or even counter, current economic realities).

    It isn’t so much our representatives (jokes about evil, stupid, and/or incompetent politicians are universal and have survived the centuries for a reason, and politics have often been nasty…remember a couple of our forefathers even held a pistol duel), IMO. The problem is increasingly perverse incentives for acheivement. When the cost to gains favor hard work over sloth, acheivement is rewarded, society reflects it, and the effect is favorable. Now the imbecilic cast of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians have made more for their execrable contribution than most any nobel prize winner will ever see. And good paying jobs are hard to come by, even for the most industrious. It’s Honey Boo boo world, to our detriment.

  3. Just reading your above piece again more thoroughly, and now I think I just basically restated what you did. If by ‘representatives’ you were referring to cultural representatives, not only political.

    So I agree, entirely!

  4. Check out Barzun’s “From Dawn to Decadence”, great read on the rise and fall of western civ, and it touches at the end on some of the items you list. Erudite Knight has a great point on judgement which is why I rec Barzun’s book. He wrote that without judgement we cannot have a standard, without a standard, how do we know what is good and what is bad? We live in cultural chaos.

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