Talk Is Cheap

What an underwhelming State of the Union address. Par for the course, I suppose.

Here’s the problem. You can’t talk about how there’s so much more to be done(whether or not it’s even correct in the first place), when you haven’t done anything to fix those matters in the past four years. Why should we believe that it’s going to happen now?

Naturally we heard about the need to spend more money. Not just cause it’s good for the economy, but because there’s so many things to spend it on.

This speech was really a cliffnotes of all the things we’ve heard in the last several months.

Still there were a few shocking moments. One where the President said we would secure our border as part of immigration reform and two that we would do things to encourage more families getting/staying together.

I was truly shocked to actually hear him say something smart. But then I realized it doesn’t matter cause nothing will be done about it.

Securing the border would mean real people have to do real work and not just passing a law that says so.

As for the family issue, getting families together would mean reducing benefits for single moms, which we know isn’t going to happen. That’s a core constituency after all.

The State of the Union was underwhelming because there’s no reason to believe any of what was said would happen. When a guy speaks on television every week and continually says the same things, there isn’t any reason to believe him when he’s made no effort to do those things. It’s also a bit disingenuous to ask Congress to send a bill over, or have a vote, when you’re the guy who’s known for circumventing that process with his executive orders.

Any can sound impressive, it’s actually doing things that counts however.


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