Fed Jobs Program

Here’s an example of one of those successful federal jobs programs, from the Detroit News;

Michigan battery firm spent $143M of U.S. grant, never made one item

A west Michigan battery company that has spent $143 million of a $150 million federal grant has not produced a single electric-vehicle battery here, a government report said Wednesday.

And while the company continues to produce batteries at facilities in South Korea, its U.S. employees wasted more than $1.6 million in work time “playing games and watching movies,” the report said.

LG Chem in 2009 received $150 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the so-called economic stimulus package — for an 850,000-square-foot plant in Holland. The company was to make batteries for electric vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt, to the tune of 60,000 electric vehicles by the end of this year.

LG Chem employs 200 in Michigan, less than half of the 440 required by its grant, and it is not expected to reach that higher employment mark by May, as originally planned.
From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130214/BIZ/302140383#ixzz2KsaSzWhz

This is socialism. When the goal isn’t to make money you end up making nothing and that’s considered success.

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  1. Well, it is what passes for socilism in this brave new world. Thoreticaly, socialism is pretty good, it is basicly the structure of the military.

  2. Geez…that puts the oopid in stupid.

    143 million dollars for only 200 unproductive jobs? Even the Soviets did better than that. That much money would keep a lot more people looking busy, even if what they made was usually shite.

  3. If the news media was serious about these reports, we’d see proactive audits of different grant recipients or municipalities and state entities. Why wait for the money to run out on a battery maker? A newspaper could get their hands on the books for many enterprises and reveal the dark underbelly of what the system looks like. No show contracts, show but no work contracts, consultants and advisors, etc. all would horrify the public and create change, but it will not happen because the papers do not want it to be uncovered. I(t’s their team.

    • True, though I think it depends on the level of the story. Something like this is a federal story and should get national mention, which it did lightly.

      However when these things happen at the state or local level it falls more to the local papers to cover them, who I think do a better job at it. Even then it comes down to apathy. Check out this story at second city cop.


      Chicago spent 140k per mile to install bike lanes. 140k! Ignoring the piss poor quality of work they did, how could it cost 140k to put a bike lane over an existing road, hell how could it could cost 140k per mile to put a bike lane in from stratch.
      That’s the sort of thing that people should be furious about but it merely gets a shrug and a ‘thats the way things are’ from most people. God knows we have a lot of it here in Detroit too.

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