Autocrats Are People To

Autocrats are people too, and sometimes they produce results.

Much is being made in Michigan right now about the financial review report on Detroit’s financial status, which is to be released today. Of course the city is broke, but this is a more accounting centered report. Surely the hits will keep on coming from this report.

The likelihood is that Governor Snyder will appoint an emergency financial manager to run the city. After wimping out and not doing it last year it appears he’s finally got enough cojones to do it since the Detroit City Council has had an extra year to embarass and implicate itself(what’s one more when you’re already running 40+).

Many people(progressives) opposed the EM law when Snyder brought it forth because it would undermine the principles of self-government, aka piss poor socialist enriching government. Unions in particular were quite upset considering an EM would undoubtedly not allow their financial charades to continue.

Truly, they are correct. Appointing EM’s wherever one wants does circumvent the principles of self-government, though when in cases of gross financial incompetence it isn’t so bad.

Detroit is a special kind of mess and the only thing that can fix it is good old fashioned cutting and gutting of its expense sheets. The city is a dump, makes no money, has no future, and has large outstanding debts. This is not a problem to be fixed by a dozen dimwits adamant to refuse any logical suggestion so long as its by outsiders.

An EM would be an autocrat, more commonly known as a dictator, beholden to nobody but the balance sheet.

Without money you cant do much else and an EM would be concerned about that first and foremost. Despite the unions fears, an EM is not a heartless, soulless agent of Beelzebub. For sure they will immensely cut spending on education and other services but not to ruin the city(can you ruin what’s already destroyed?), but instead they’ll cut those things because the money doesn’t exist to pay six figure salaries to non-producers. Not non-producers in the sense that they don’t make anything, but non-producers in the sense that they suck at their jobs(that is if you can suck at something you really don’t do).

Much as I hate the uselessness of big government, a government appointed budget butcher is something that I can tolerate under the circumstances.


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  1. Detriot should have employed an EM a decade ago, if not longer.

    What sort of odds do you place on the Governor will do it this year versus wimp out like last year?

    • It seems pretty likely. I think people finally realize the city isn’t going to fix itself and the situation is finally available to do an EM. The law was only passed to do that some time in the past 2 years I think.

      Though between an EM or Robocop, I’d pick Robocop.

  2. Autocrats might be people, but they don’t sound like people. They sound like autonomous automated life forms.

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