Sex Change! Get Your Sex Change!

Heard about this on the radio and had to check into it. From the NYTimes;

Brown University said last week that its student health plan would be extended to cover sex-change surgery beginning in August, advocates for transgender students said Brown would become the 36th college to do so.


Here’s a simple idea. You desire a sex change, you feel trapped in the wrong body? Sorry to hear that, I wish you luck. Our University does have a Psychology department if you’d like to talk to anyone about it. They appreciate case studies.

That’s it. Done.

Know why? Cause that’s all they need. It’s a University, a place for higher learning. Learn at the University and explore your own existence on your own time and one your own dime.

I want to be jacked and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger but I don’t see Universities offering up steroids to help me have the body I want. Why do I have to remain a lost, hopeless soul just because my desire to change doesn’t involve my sex organs?




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  1. Wow…just wow.

  2. Awesome use of our tax money.
    No problem though..we’ll pay for it with theoretical dollars created from derivative bonds comprised of a basket of various fiat currencies’ futures options. Then it will be free!

  3. Steroid cycles, SARM experiments and other juice programs could combine medical research subject testing with positive student self esteem building. A couple mad eup of an Arnold-like man and cut woman would probably be cheaper than the 1 sex change operation. I like it!

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