From History: Gun Control or People Control

Currently I’m reading The First American, the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, by H.W. Brands and came across this in a chapter just after it is described how Franklin established a Pennsylvania militia(a struggle in the Quaker state), and led efforts to establish defenses against French and Indian frontier attacks in 1756.

Governor Morris, and Thomas Penn at a distance, could only shudder at the swelling enthusiasm for their chief adversary. For a decade Penn has suspected Franklin of designs  against the established government of the province. During most of that period Frnaklin has challenged ths  staus quo by political means, but briefly in the days of the Association(ed. Franklins previous militia efforts), and now again as colonel of the Philadelphia regiment, he appeared capable of leading a military revolt.

The Governor and essestial owner of Pennsylvania were threatened by Franklin not simply because of his politics, but because he had the means to enforce those politics by force. Of course it was completely false for them to think that because Franklins only concern was in fact securing the frontier areas of Pennsylvania as common sense would lead anyone concerned for their own safety and success would.

Two pages later we then have this when Penn tries to strip Franklins power by going to the crown;

Franklin’s Militia Act had not challenged not merely proprietary control of Pennsylvania politics but some of the basic principles of imperial rule, among these the selection of officers. As Penn explained to Morris, “The militia is taken out of the hands of the Crown, and the appointment of officers given to the people, which can never be allowed”.

Penn was successful in having Franklin’s Militia Act thrown out by the Crown. That the colonials could arm and serve themselves was not simply an  affront to the empire and the Crown it represented, but a threat. People who are able to exercise control over their own matters don’t need others to make decisions for them.

So again we have to ask again. Why are we trying to ban guns? When you realize the answer, it’s like hearing bells ringing.

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