Women Are Yahoos

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is taking heat for calling the companies work from home employees back into the office. Not surprisingly the feminists are rather upset by this.

How dare a woman do something that undercuts the benefits feminists have fought for. The work at home mom is a hero, she can have it all, a family and a career.

Except when that mom has to handle the responsibilities of both. Then she can’t really make it work. Having to actually show up at work poses a problem. They can only have it all, so long as we suspend the rules and allow them to play in their own ‘womens only’ league. Why should they have to compete against men, they’re women, they’re allowed to have it all without the responsibilities, scores are calculated differently based on gender.

Feminists aside, if you work for a struggling company that has hired a CEO to turn things around ant that CEO says everyones butt belongs in a seat in the offices then that’s what you do. There’s nothing wrong with telecommuting if you can guarantee the effort and results of the employees but if you suspect you’re not getting the most out of them, then call them in and make them act like professionals. Dress like a professional, go to work like a professional, and you might just start producing like a professional.



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  1. The only positive I can see from this is if the Yahoo internal control guidelienss and systems can’t track production and work well. Usually firms go in the reverse direction and offer telecommuting, especially in California with $4.50/gal gas. I wouldn’t be shocked if this gets tightened up, and within a year or two their HR department reverses it.

    • It probably will be reversed, but since Yahoo is trying to fix itself I don’t think they can be blamed for bringing people inside to get a greater look at things.
      I’m no tech guy but Yahoo is clearly the worst amongst its competitors and needs to reshape itself. If thats indeed what they’re doing, at least they are smart enough to analyze their people first.

  2. Having one’s employees at the physical location of the office, rather than allowing telecommuting, will help to see who is really working vs who is a slacker. I agree with SOBL1…it will probably be overturned by Yahoo’s human resources department within 12 months. But hopefully by then they’ll have weeded out any employees who don’t measure up to what the company needs.

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