Democracy In Action In Detroit

Previously I wrote about the possibility of a state appointed Emergency Manager taking over in the city of Detroit to fix the cities horrible financial condition.

No decision has yet been made by Gov. Rick Snyder. Indications are that he is weighing the situation carefully, I might say politically.

Today however we have a story from the Detroit News titled, Opposition to possible Detroit emergency manager grows louder. No surprise there.

However it is a bit ironic to see what the basis of their complaints are. Apparently some people in the city of Detroit don’t think an EM respects democracy. Though since they vote for the governor and the governor makes that decision they do.

But the irony is that these same people have no problem giving up their democracy to the Democrat party that runs the federal government. I’m willing to bet they’d be rather excited to have President Obama offer them an EM, just like they had no problem giving up their democracy with the Affordable Care Act.

It’s not so much that they oppose losing their democracy, it’s that they oppose losing it to someone who isn’t buying them off.

An interesting thing to think about is how the people react. Though the decision would likely pass without any resistance, it would be interesting to see if the people of Detroit did resist the effort to insert an EM. Riots and resistance would prevent any EM from being able to do anything. I don’t think the people care enough to do that, but it would make a good showing for what happens when the people feel the government has overstepped the line.


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