The Life and Times of George Zimmerman

The George Zimmerman – Trayvon Marton trial is set to begin.

I don’t know what the verdict is going to be, but my guess is he’ll be proven innocent.

However, what I think is most interesting is what his life will be like if he is indeed found innocent.

Here’s a man who was public enemy number one last year. Despite doing his best to avoid any extra attention everyone knows who he is and always will. He’ll have a heck of a time getting a job anywhere without a stigma being attached to him. Even if he’s found innocent he’ll carry a bad name that people will want to distance themselves from.

It’s possible for an innocent Zimmerman to end up like Rodney King who had numerous addiction problems through the 90’s to his death last year.

Unfortunate as it is, it will be interesting to see how this mans life ends up.


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  1. yeah, its fucked up how bad GZ got waylaid by the media, and martin became some sort of folk hero, that somehow stereo types have no bearing on real life.

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