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The 300 Year Old Tree

Local news has a story about a 300-year old tree being threatened by road construction.

The scheduled road widening project has put the roadside tree in the saws path for this summer. Concerned local citizens have brought up the issue as they try to save the tree.

I bring this story up not to comment on whether the road needs to be widened or if the tree is worth saving. I bring up the story because its led to some interesting thoughts.

Here we have some people trying to save a 300-year old tree while their 237-year old country is heading to its own grave. Is it good that people are willing to fight for something, or bad that they’re fighting for something that seems so trivial in comparison.

It isn’t that other issues should be completely forgotten until the larger ones are fixed, it just seems odd and confusing to me.


Detroits Future With Homesteaders

Michigan native and billionaire owner of the Quicken company, Dan Gilbert, has recently announced an effort to create a mildly upscale retail development in downtown Detroit. See this Detroit News story for details.

Efforts to rejuvenate the city have a history but rarely is the work followed through on. Gilbert may have more success than anyone previously, but it will still be in vain.

The problem with Detroit is not that there is no shopping or attractions to entice people down there(though it is, it’s secondary), the real problem is that it’s a city run by a corrupt city council and inhabited by criminals.

With its Casinos and stadiums there is just enough in downtown Detroit presently to draw visitors from the suburbs. However these are visits from the outside and not residents conducting their lives because the city is still a pile of dung. With the violence, enormous potholes, nonexistent police and fire services, atrocious schools, decaying plumbing, low property value, high taxes, abysmal drivers, and even more violence why would anyone want to live there? They wouldn’t. Even the black population has begun leaving the city in recent years. It has to be the worst first world city in the world.

Even though they can buy the same stuff 5 miles from their house, some people will still drive to Detroit to buy it for no reason. But they won’t live there until it is once again habitable by members of an advanced society.

The best hope for rebuilding Detroit is to kick out every single resident and reappropriate the area. Essentially we repeat the homesteading action we performed in the vast frontiers of our country. A free plot of land for a house for anyone with a job willing to relocate to Detroit, except it won’t be Detroit as you know but as a brand new city as if it were on the moon.

That’s the only chance.

Divorce Equality

When, not if, gay marriage becomes equally framed with marriage as we know it, does that mean divorce laws and all the periphery will finally be equalized out in all cases.

As it is now men bear the brunt of most divorces as they fund their ex-wives new lives. Will the gays have enough political pull left to get that matter straightened out?

Parenting 101

This stories a few days old but I just heard about it.

BREVARD COUNTY, F.L.–A Florida woman is facing charges after calling 911 to request a police officer to come to her house and ‘scare’ her children.

Melissa Townsend told a dispatcher that her one-year-old and three-year-old kids needed to learn to respect people and listen to their mother.

Police went to the house and say Townsend was drunk and assaulted an officer.

She was arrested and charged with child neglect, assault, resisting an officer and probation violation.

It’s not particularly unique as these stories tend to come up often but it brings up something that is important. Parenting. I don’t have kids but I’ve got experience raising some. If your kids are under my supervision you’re lucky and you know what I hardly do anything. I’m attentive but not going to dictate every action by the kid. Let them alone and they’ll be fine as well as grow to be capable people.

Anyway, I thought I would make a statement on parenting for any curious parents who are wondering why they can’t control their kids that well.

Here it is;

Yelling is not authority.

You can yell as much as you want, but its not authority. You’ll get farther as a parent, leader, and anything else with a cool head that is in control. Yelling like a nut undermines your authority. I hate to say it but,


Someone who gets it

Someone who gets it, and its a Brit. A good article from the Daily Mail titled, Why we on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration.

The article makes the point that a nation does not have to rationalize itself to the rest of the world and has a right to the sanctity of its being.

This should be presented in every media outlet in the country. It’s pitiful that we rely on a British newspaper for honest and revealing news, and in this case opinion.

I’m the Taxman!

Canada has a lower corporate tax rate than the US and yet raises more in taxes from that lower rate.

Here’s a section from the story as it appeared yesterday on the downsizing blog by the CATO institute.

The new budget shows that the Canadian federal 15 percent tax raised 1.9 percent of GDP in revenue in 2012, while the U.S. federal tax at 35 percent raised just 1.6 percent, per CBO.

It’s a two paragraph story with two charts, go check it out.

Soft on Criminals Is Hard on Society

There are two problems with being soft on criminals.* By being soft I refer to either light sentencing or early release.

The first and most obvious problem is that you’ve released people back into society who’ve demonstrated that they shouldn’t be there. It’s hard to trust a criminal, and for good reason. Their a criminal and they know it, not many crimes are committed without awareness of it. Whether murderers, convenience store hijackers, or fraudsters they’ve knowingly and willingly committed a crime. People like that do not and can not fit in to the model of society that the rest of us use. Statistics on repeat offenders make this clear.

A few exceptions may exist. Unintentional manslaughter or failing to comply with city zoning ordinances aren’t exactly the same as conning widows out of their money or going on a breaking and entering spree.

Having covered the first problem, we can now move on to the second and less considered effect.

By accepting and allowing criminal behavior to continue uninhibited, the society in general looses the standards by which it operates. In other words, through leniency the behavior of criminals is legitimized or considered not so bad, which by default delegitimizes the everyday behavior of the rest of society. Though the good people may have the numbers, the moral code by which they are held together will be slowly degraded to naught.

We see this regularly with other issues such as marriage, single parents, and homosexuality. It’s seen as perfectly acceptable to be a single parent, or have multiple divorces these days, and married parents are being often mocked because of that. Homosexuals make up a small percent of the population but there “issues” are continuously in the news. The pushing of acceptance of homosexuality comes at the expense of heterosexuality. It’s not political, it’s just how things work, the center continually gets pushed a little bit more to the center until it end up on the other side completely.

Without Conscience is a book by Robert Hare suggested to me by one of pals and regular commenters here, though I can’t remember who exactly. I have read that book recently and it was the motivation for this post. Whoever suggested it will know who he was, so thanks.

Mormons in Politics

Mitt Romney was unexpectedly not attacked and smeared for being a Mormon during the election. It was brought up occasionally, but not usually by any mainstream media types. Whenever it was mentioned it was done almost in passing and never as a major talking point.

This stands out as very strange because the media surely didn’t like Mitt and had no problem smearing him any chance they could. They live for that stuff, so why no serious attack of his “cult member” status?

I may know why. While doing biographical research on the current Senate I learned something interesting. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, is also a member of the LDS church.

It seems entirely plausible that the democrat propaganda sources wouldn’t want to attack their target for something that one of its own leaders is also a part of.

Mitt came along at the right time with Reid to cover him on that. Too bad though it didn’t really matter.