North Koreas War Aims

The news cycle has been mocking Dennis Rodmans trip to North Korea. Sure it’s a circus and worth mocking but not a mention of what was said.

Rodman said Un told him to tell Obama “I don’t want war“.

While everybody’s laughing at the comical notion of someone conducting politics with Dennis Rodman, they don’t realize this is back handed diplomacy.

Kim Jong Un doesn’t want to go to war? Why would he say that(and to someone irrelevant) if he wasn’t prepared to go to war? Nobody in the US has mentioned war, so why does he bring it up. Saying I don’t want to go to war is different than saying I won’t go to war. Just who do you think will start that war? The US and South Korea haven’t done anything to provoke a war so what else could he be talking about?

Because he has all the leverage in the world by doing so. He faces a pacified, spineless US administration that will appease him and give him everything he wants just so long as he’s a menace. He can demand a lot too. While the people in his country are starving enough to eat dirt, North Korea has tested several nuclear weapons and is now working on long range missiles to reach the US.

We have been and will continue to offer money and oil to NK to stop work on their programs. Naturally they take the payments and put them into the programs. This is what happens when you are afraid to stand up. He’ll keep asking for more, the US will act reluctant and he’ll do something a little crazy and we’ll cave in.

Just in case anyone here in the US didn’t notice we now have this headline which I saw on Drudge yesterday.

North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America

Well that takes care of that. What’s more scary, that they make this threat or that we will bow at their feet to stop them from doing it?

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  1. The DPRK is almost cartoonesquely evil. They’ve been threatening war every other week since we took the nukes out of South Korea that had been pointed their way, in the interest of a “nuke free peninsula”. So much for that idea.

    • For now it doesn’t matter so much because they don’t have the missiles for hitting us, but if we keep coddling them with little buyoffs now, it’ll cost us more in the future.
      Oddly our best hope in the matter is China who doesn’t want any serious trouble started in its backyard.

      • The Chinese definitely have a vested interest in not having an influx of millions of growth stunted and unemployable refugees shuffling in. The Chinese have troops on the border to prevent or discourage anyone from crossing in bulk (I think they starting moving them over in 2010).

        In a similar vein, the primary reason the ROK hasn’t taken and won’t take any directly confrontational steps to counter DRPK aggression (unless they’re invaded outright) is that they don’t want that country to collapse. That is the method behind the ‘appeasment’ maddness. The economic impact would be disastrous, like a burst appendix. The primary intervention for the past couple of decades has been “don’t palpate”. So through the years, the ROK has continued to send aid to the DPRK, opened up an industrial complex, a tourist resort area, and railroad for them to the tune of billions and billions. They didn’t even strictly enforced the Proliferation Security Initiative which they signed on to.

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