Waste of Cash

Television commercials are one of the best ways to get a look at society. They can tell you quite a bit about the way its population lives and thinks.

I recently saw a commercial that shocked me. It was a commercial for a pay per view event. The event is something called the Algarve Cup, a womens soccer tournament. As someone who was a soccer player for many years I’ve never heard of it. It’s a small international tournament in Portugal, with only 12 years involved.

What’s shocking is the cost they are selling this at. $14.95 per game. Only the US games were available to purchase which is 3 games, 4 if they make the final. Now I like soccer, but I wouldn’t pay 15 bucks to watch my favorite team in the biggest game, let alone a womens game. I realize womens soccer is popular during the womens world cup, but give me a break with 15 dollars!

I’ve never ordered a PPV sports match but I can’t imagine an obscure event on PPV having better coverage than the regular programming for soccer.

Are there really that many people willing to spend $15 on a womans soccer match? It’s not business to tell people what to spend their money on, but $15 is a good chunk of change and a poor womens soccer broadcast is not what I’d want to spent it on. I’m sure directv will make money off of it, and whoever else is involved will probably clear their nut too, but it still blows my mind.

Potentially $60 to watch four games of US womens soccer. Makes you think we live in a country that’s rich or something.


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  1. With that fiat currency being printed off, there is always monopoly money to go around!

  2. Heh, wait until you have baby sitters to pay. You’ll be paying almost that much to someone for every hour so that THEY can watch television while the kids sleep. It’s all relative.

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