Nothing Changes In Detroit

Former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was found guilty in court yesterday after his extensive and comprehensive trial. Guilty on many charges he will likely be sentenced to around 20 years in prison.

It’s a great occasion because justice has been served and the system proves it still works and that elites are still held to the same standards as the rest of us(even if only rarely).

But there’s something else here. Kilpatrick got what he deserved, but so did Detroit. They elected this guy twice. They get a pass for the first time since they didn’t know what to expect, but to re-elect him after all the shenanigans that were pointed out in his first term in on them. The city got what it deserved because when you’re slumming you get slumlords.

Generally the local news is reporting that Detroiters are satisfied with the verdict. Funny thing since they were the ones who denied any problems with Kilpatrick in his first term and re-elected him. Funnier still when they increased that rhetoric when he was tried for perjury. Each time Kilpatrick was in trouble they defended him enthusiastically. It didn’t matter what he did wrong, as far as they were concerned it shouldn’t be a concern of the suburbs anyway, we should just mind our own business and let them do their thing and stay out of the city cause they don’t need our help and don’t want it anyway.

This will not be the moment when things turn around for Detroit. Kwame Kilpatrick was not the problem in Detroit, he was just the visible demonstration of it. That is the lack of any standards in the population of the city.

He resigned in 2008. He hasn’t been in charge for the past four years and the city still is a dump, just like it was a dump before he arrived as Mayor, and just like it will remain a dump until the population decides to hold itself accountable and raises its standards.


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  1. I sometimes wonder if Detriot will never get its act together. I have heard of ancient cities consuming themselves and then disappearing off of the face of the earth, maybe Detriot will be a modern day example. It isn’t like say.

    • I think the best thing that could happen for it is not an emergency manager but either the suburbs apportioning it like postwar Berlin or someone coming in and privatizing the entire city. The likelihood of that however seems doubtful.

      Something I thought of to add was that the country reflects the same way right now. Obama is sinking in polls yet he was just re-elected 4 months ago.

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