New Pope Argentinian; Will Be Nationalized Soon

The new Pope was chosen today and he is Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina.

Congratulations and good luck to him.

I anticipate Argentinian President Christina Kirchner to soon announce that Argentina will be nationalizing the Pope.


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  1. LOL!
    They will nationalize the Pope, but not until they can convince the populations of many countries to place their retirement pension plans into the ‘Papal 401k’.

    No point in nationalizing anything, especially if you’re Argentina, unless you can screw a whole lot of honest people out of their hard earned money.

    • Liz, that’s what Argentina and Kirchner are all about.

      I’m so used to you being informed that this momentary lapse by you is surprising.


  2. ….is this the first non-white pope? Man, if so this is a big, crazy turn for the Catholic church.

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