Extreme Parties

Many in the liberal media(redundant?) seem to be groaning lately that the “conservatives” aka TEA party are actually extreme or radical in their views. I don’t see how one having a view of the government consistent with 200 years of history that could be radical, but then again i’m not in the media.

The claims are an effort to dishonor the TEA party and is part of an ongoing effort since the TEA party movement came about. This brings to mind a thought about government size as it relates to its methods of rule.

The United States is a highly involved political nation. Not in the sense that people are intimately familiar(far from it), but that they can easily go out and vote as well as generate momentum for a cause. This is the situation in most if not all western nations. All adult have a say.

This is not the case in the rest of the world however. For example, the house of Saud, doesn’t really care about the desires of its people or their ideas and interests. It throws them a bone every now and again to make them feel recognized but in the end it is the royal family who has the final call on anything. The rulers of these countries want to keep power above all else, even in the “democracies”, they will do what it takes to stay in office.

The TEA party is a great symbol of what makes American politics work. Throughout this nations history there have been regular formations of what I’ll call extra party subversion. These movements/parties have come and gone in the political process since before the nations founding. They have been stand alone groups, or entwined within a party such as the TEA party is with republicans.

While liberals hate with a passion the TEA party it is groups like them that keep America honest. In a two party system it is easy to blend the line so as it is near invisible. (See the Gore v Bush debates to present for examples.) What the TEA party does by grabbing the helm of the republican party is to keep American politics fluid. Without these groups, the major players would simply walk away with the political process and leave everyone else in a perpetual state of screwed.

We were heading their and the TEA party, as well as Occupy Wall Street though to a lesser extent cause they’re gone now, have helped to scuttle those immediate plans. If groups like these are extreme, I don’t want to anything else, and when you consider just who considers them extreme, its really not a bad label.


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  1. Anything that threatens the ruling establishment will be slapped with the extremist label from here until the end of this current system. Government is not in the business of building and maintaining a properly functioning society anymore. It is int he business of maintaining its power.

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