Free Second Child With Unwed Birth of Each Firstborn!

Once again it’s time to talk about single moms. I’ve laid out my thoughts here twice before with The Single Mom Outbreak, and Single Moms are Like Gloves.

This time single moms are in the news for a study that says 48 percent of first born children are born to unwed parents. That those parents may become wed after the childbirth doesn’t necessarily mean that out of all childbirth, 48 percent are born to single moms, hence the “firstborn” stipulation.

Still that is more bad news for society, because it is inevitable that single moms will eventually be in the majority. A society without families is not a society at all. Without a basis of life there is nothing else. You can read this in the text of many great philosophers, but it is not that thought that makes them great. Rather when someone like Jean Jacques Rousseau points out that the family is the first basis of society, he is making an obvious point which he then uses as a foundation for his more developed ideas. This applies to nearly all philosophers.

Back to the point, family is society. But in a society where people are less inclined and even encouraged to not form families, they may likely stop having kids. When kids are a boost to welfare resources they appeal to narcissism. As narcissism then permeates as the normal mindset, it is possible that the narcissists decide not to even have kids because they aren’t worth the time. Eventually, with luck, they essentially not breed themselves out of existence. We can only hope for as much.

Still the larger problem is what happens before then. There will be two futures both created by liberal ideology. One path will be the typical liberal brats who whine and complain about everything. They want this, they deserve that, life is hard, blah blah blah. These are also referred to as manginas, though many names are used for them, that is what we’ll use for todays references.

The other path will be the bandits. They’ll whine and complain to receive their free stuff too, but they won’t mope around with their efforts. They will extort their benefits through threat of violence compared to the annoyance tactics of the manginas. These are the urban youths of today who join gangs and generally do whatever they want. AKA thugs.

The determining factor in what path is taken is largely determined by race and can be witnessed today. However, in this future because there will be very few people with any technical knowledge or ability and the current segregated model will be unsustainable. Both groups will be forced closer together by necessity. This is where the one chance of hope for action exists. In the threatening proximity of the thugs, the defenseless manginas will be forced to either grow a pair of testicles or suffer regular nike swooshes to the face and torso.

Still neither group will build or maintain a nation. The thugs may continue to produce an underclass, but the manginas will more likely go extinct. It’s a tossup to ask if American society will go under from full on Sodom and Gomorrah hedonism or simply wither away from lack of care.

Year by year American civilization is eroded just a bit further. Perhaps in the future they will exist on reservations as Indians once did and still do to an extent, and perhaps even Canada will be a safe haven for all the Americans who practice 6,000 years of proven human history. However since Canada itself is following many of the choices that led to Americas destruction that is unknown. Still Canadians tend to be more pragmatic and can hopefully make the necessary corrections that we cannot seem to make.

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  1. Yet, ah! why should they know their fate.
    Since sorrow never comes too late.
    And happiness too swiftly flies?
    Thought would destroy their paradise.
    No more;…..where ignorance is bliss
    ‘Tis folly to be wise.

    -Thomas Gray

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