Mormons in Politics

Mitt Romney was unexpectedly not attacked and smeared for being a Mormon during the election. It was brought up occasionally, but not usually by any mainstream media types. Whenever it was mentioned it was done almost in passing and never as a major talking point.

This stands out as very strange because the media surely didn’t like Mitt and had no problem smearing him any chance they could. They live for that stuff, so why no serious attack of his “cult member” status?

I may know why. While doing biographical research on the current Senate I learned something interesting. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, is also a member of the LDS church.

It seems entirely plausible that the democrat propaganda sources wouldn’t want to attack their target for something that one of its own leaders is also a part of.

Mitt came along at the right time with Reid to cover him on that. Too bad though it didn’t really matter.


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  1. I also don’t think they’d want to open the can of worms involved in it. Technically mormonism is still a sect of Christian beliefs,so they argue (though personally I think they’re more cultish). Doing so could be construed as an attack against Christianity, which still isn’t acceptable in today’s politics. Nearly every national politician identifies, if not practices, Christian beliefs.

    Wait five to ten years

    • Maybe, just maybe the media knew it would be received poorly by independents to make such attacks, but no doubt they wanted to. Just looking at the way they’ve talked about the recent Papal matters shows you they have nothing but contempt for Christians at least. It’s clear who’s side they’re on and that they’ll do just about anything to help.

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