Soft on Criminals Is Hard on Society

There are two problems with being soft on criminals.* By being soft I refer to either light sentencing or early release.

The first and most obvious problem is that you’ve released people back into society who’ve demonstrated that they shouldn’t be there. It’s hard to trust a criminal, and for good reason. Their a criminal and they know it, not many crimes are committed without awareness of it. Whether murderers, convenience store hijackers, or fraudsters they’ve knowingly and willingly committed a crime. People like that do not and can not fit in to the model of society that the rest of us use. Statistics on repeat offenders make this clear.

A few exceptions may exist. Unintentional manslaughter or failing to comply with city zoning ordinances aren’t exactly the same as conning widows out of their money or going on a breaking and entering spree.

Having covered the first problem, we can now move on to the second and less considered effect.

By accepting and allowing criminal behavior to continue uninhibited, the society in general looses the standards by which it operates. In other words, through leniency the behavior of criminals is legitimized or considered not so bad, which by default delegitimizes the everyday behavior of the rest of society. Though the good people may have the numbers, the moral code by which they are held together will be slowly degraded to naught.

We see this regularly with other issues such as marriage, single parents, and homosexuality. It’s seen as perfectly acceptable to be a single parent, or have multiple divorces these days, and married parents are being often mocked because of that. Homosexuals make up a small percent of the population but there “issues” are continuously in the news. The pushing of acceptance of homosexuality comes at the expense of heterosexuality. It’s not political, it’s just how things work, the center continually gets pushed a little bit more to the center until it end up on the other side completely.

Without Conscience is a book by Robert Hare suggested to me by one of pals and regular commenters here, though I can’t remember who exactly. I have read that book recently and it was the motivation for this post. Whoever suggested it will know who he was, so thanks.


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  1. “It’s not political, it’s just how things work, the center continually gets pushed a little bit more to the center until it end up on the other side completely.”

    Exactly so. It’s social evolution. Social evolution in the continued direction, pushed by political agenda, is by far a more pressing concern than physical evolution (the current overbreeding of imbeciles catalyzed by perverse incentives). It’s more pressing because it’s much faster….takes several decades to form an influential adult person, not so with social evolution.

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