Someone who gets it

Someone who gets it, and its a Brit. A good article from the Daily Mail titled, Why we on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration.

The article makes the point that a nation does not have to rationalize itself to the rest of the world and has a right to the sanctity of its being.

This should be presented in every media outlet in the country. It’s pitiful that we rely on a British newspaper for honest and revealing news, and in this case opinion.


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  1. good find, it’s very well written. Replace the Indians and other small influxes of minorities to Britian with Hispanics and US and we have the same thing here.

    Any country needs to limit its immigrants to a stream that is able to constantly have people adopt the cultural norms and the views of the country. To buy into the country’s frame. If a country allows too many in, you get a war of frames and goals as the immigrants grow large enough that they believe they have the right to impose frames from their old countries onto where they immigrated.

    If you’ve read The Way of Men by Jack Donovan, you could apply what he says of making sure people belong to your Tribe to the larger scale of your Country.

  2. What is sad, is I hate democrats, but I hate replubicans to.

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