Divorce Equality

When, not if, gay marriage becomes equally framed with marriage as we know it, does that mean divorce laws and all the periphery will finally be equalized out in all cases.

As it is now men bear the brunt of most divorces as they fund their ex-wives new lives. Will the gays have enough political pull left to get that matter straightened out?


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  1. We can only hope.

    My old real estate agent is a straight man in his late 30s who got custody of his adolescent daughters when he & his wife divorced. She even has to pay him child support and alimony, since she makes more than he does.

    Perhaps the times *are* changing…

  2. I don’t see anything changing due to homosexuals entering the picture.

    Most of the problems are directly related to the system of no-fault divorce and would be vastly ameliorated with the elimination of no-fault. To get a divorce, the seeking party should either establish the fault of their spouse, or take all responsbility for breaking the contract themself. This would still permit the bailing party to get out of the marriage, but they can no longer engage in divorce theft.

    • Like most problems the cause it known and solutions available but there isn’t the will to get things done. The best hope of change in this matter is that the gays have the political capital in this area at the moment are the only ones who can move the needle.

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