Detroits Future With Homesteaders

Michigan native and billionaire owner of the Quicken company, Dan Gilbert, has recently announced an effort to create a mildly upscale retail development in downtown Detroit. See this Detroit News story for details.

Efforts to rejuvenate the city have a history but rarely is the work followed through on. Gilbert may have more success than anyone previously, but it will still be in vain.

The problem with Detroit is not that there is no shopping or attractions to entice people down there(though it is, it’s secondary), the real problem is that it’s a city run by a corrupt city council and inhabited by criminals.

With its Casinos and stadiums there is just enough in downtown Detroit presently to draw visitors from the suburbs. However these are visits from the outside and not residents conducting their lives because the city is still a pile of dung. With the violence, enormous potholes, nonexistent police and fire services, atrocious schools, decaying plumbing, low property value, high taxes, abysmal drivers, and even more violence why would anyone want to live there? They wouldn’t. Even the black population has begun leaving the city in recent years. It has to be the worst first world city in the world.

Even though they can buy the same stuff 5 miles from their house, some people will still drive to Detroit to buy it for no reason. But they won’t live there until it is once again habitable by members of an advanced society.

The best hope for rebuilding Detroit is to kick out every single resident and reappropriate the area. Essentially we repeat the homesteading action we performed in the vast frontiers of our country. A free plot of land for a house for anyone with a job willing to relocate to Detroit, except it won’t be Detroit as you know but as a brand new city as if it were on the moon.

That’s the only chance.


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  1. cogitansiuvenis

    I think that some point in the not to distant future we may see something like this. I’ve hard of small towns disappearing but never a major city. It will be interesting what they will finally try.

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