The 300 Year Old Tree

Local news has a story about a 300-year old tree being threatened by road construction.

The scheduled road widening project has put the roadside tree in the saws path for this summer. Concerned local citizens have brought up the issue as they try to save the tree.

I bring this story up not to comment on whether the road needs to be widened or if the tree is worth saving. I bring up the story because its led to some interesting thoughts.

Here we have some people trying to save a 300-year old tree while their 237-year old country is heading to its own grave. Is it good that people are willing to fight for something, or bad that they’re fighting for something that seems so trivial in comparison.

It isn’t that other issues should be completely forgotten until the larger ones are fixed, it just seems odd and confusing to me.


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  1. Both. Its good people are willing to fight but bad that they have such horrible lack of perspective and priorities.

    A large part of me also thinks people pick small fights they know they’ll lose that they also don’t care about. That way they can rail against the man and earn ‘victim status’ withoutany real lose or victimization

  2. Saving a tree just for the sake of its age?


    Let’s have a little perspective. Most people COMPLETELY IGNORE elderly human beings.

    But an elderly TREE? Now THAT’S important!

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