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At Least They’re Comfortable

Jack Donovan linked this article yesterday. It’s an interview with Noam Chomsky who goes on to say Obama is attacking American civil liberties. That’s not what I’m bringing it up for though.

What I want to point out is the circus that is the liberal excuse machine(rationalization hamster) found in the comments section.
For example;

facetfact mmckinl19 hours ago

Chomsky – republican bullshit – This was started and strengthed by republicans. There is no way to reverse the trend – from the GPS in the cars, to the street cameras, to the individual records of money spent and on what – it’s a done deal.

Bill_Perdue m8lsem12 hours ago

You’re wrong. It began with Carter (trucking, air, rail) continued under Reagan and Bush1, reached acoptyliptic heights under Clinton, continued under Bush2 and is much, much worse because of Obama’s sequestration law. (He signed it and is implementing it and it’s his. Republicans are, or course, cheering it one.)

m8lsem Bill_Perdue12 hours ago

I was unaware the President could enact a law. I keep think Congress has to do it, and these days, it takes Teapugnican consent.

Nick Rudolpha day ago

The biggest mistake Obama has made is allowing the stupidity of the Bush/Cheney regime to continue into his administration. We are seeing the results of this stupidity in West, Texas. They removed all oversight and control of the chemical industry in favor of their campaign donations and now people are dying because of their greed and stupidity. You cannot trust an industrialist to self-police any more than you can expect an illegal alien to self-deport.

And in Texas, we have the moron of the century, Rick Perry, further destroying any oversight and even after a disaster, he stands before thepublic and says, “there was nothing wrong with the fertilizer plant in West.” What an idiot.

cgoslinga day ago

Let’s not forget, voters did not elect a perfect deity to lead the country. Voters had to choose between a young Democrat with promise and a multi millionaire Republican who sold his soul to the wealthy few who supported him. Obama’s policies have been squashed by Republicans whose only objective was to “defeat him in the next election.” The choice was simple then, and even more simple for the next election. Vote the Republicans out and give the Democrats a chance to fix the nation.

It would be funny to watch progressives spin that hamster wheel if it wasn’t so damn destructive. They march in time with Obama and the progressive ideology, but when it’s pointed out they’re doing the exact same thing that they hated Bush for doing, they manage to excuse their behavior as different somehow. Apparently republicans somehow start everything out of malice, and democrats keep it going because they’re forced too.

And the thing is, this article doesn’t even have that many brain-dead commentors on it. I might even say there were more dissenters than rationalizers. Still on other progressive “news” sites, the wheels are found spinning overtime.

What further proof could be needed that the majority of progressive points are nothing but shallow, meaningless, attempts to achieve relevance through phony mental masturbation. Just don’t tell them otherwise, cause as far as they know they’ve achieved nirvana and are the center of the universe.

That’s not to say there aren’t conservative rationalizers or that they don’t do things wrong, but at least when they rationalize things it’s ideas original to their platform and not selling out for the things they used to hate just so they don’t have to beat themselves up over it.


Gun Rights At Sea

File this as another example of proof of guns for self defense. However in this case we have not self defense of your home or person but of an ocean going vessel.

After more than half a decade of Somali men attacking Indian Ocean shipping from small speedboats with AK-47s, grappling hooks and ladders, the number of attacks is falling fast.

The last merchant ship to be successfully hijacked, naval officers monitoring piracy say, was at least nine months ago. It’s a far cry from the height of the piracy epidemic two years ago, when several ships might be taken in a single week to be traded for airdropped multi-million dollar ransoms.


Like many merchant vessels, the QM2 now carries armed private contractors when passing through areas of pirate risk.


According to the European Union anti-piracy task force EU NAVFOR, 2012 saw only 36 confirmed attacks and a further 73 “suspicious events” – incidents in which a crew report a suspicious craft that might be pirate but could also be simply an innocent fishing boat. That itself was a substantial fall from 2011, with 176 attacks and 166 “suspicious events”.

Only five ships were captured in 2012, down from 25 in 2011 and 27 in 2010.

Once again the best offense proves to be a good defense and for self protection no matter what the scale guns are the best tool for the job.

Swing and Miss

Following the terrorist bombing of the Boston marathon we have had,

Doesn’t seem like we’ve defeated terrorism does it? Yes three of those stories are from outside the US, but that’s exactly the point. Defeating an enemy who is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously requires a finely concentrated effort. Recognition is a start.

German Economic Affects on America

Read this story from Zerohedge about German industrial overseas investments.

German industrial companies now consider investing overseas – to build new operations or expand existing ones – more attractive than investing at home. China retained the top spot for the third year in a row. The Eurozone, eclipsed by China in 2011, continued to decline. The attractiveness of other target markets slid as well. But there is one market whose attractiveness jumped: the USA!

Other regions also declined on the German industrial priority list: South America down to 23% from 24%, Asia without China down to 27% from 28%, and Eastern Europe and Russia down to 25% from 26%. The only region that actually grew in importance was the US. In 2005, only 20% of the companies wanted to invest there. In 2012, it rose to 26%. In 2013, it jumped four points to 30%, the highest ever.

Then head over to here to read this explanation of the parties involved in Germany’s upcoming elections. If I had a vested interest in German politics, I’d personally want the Bavarians of CSU or possibly AfD to win. But I don’t have any personal interest in Germany other than having enjoyed my time in that country.

Having said that, a win by one of the liberal parties of Germany could be great for America in the sense that a win for the liberals in France was great for the countries that absorbed the fleeing French millionaires and their money.

Failure of Leadership: Army Edition

Failure of leadership is one of my pet peeves. Being incompetent is one thing, but allowing incompetent people to remain or allowing a situation to develop into a true clusterf*ck because you’re a bad leader is sooo much worse.

I’ve been critical of President Obama for being a poor leader before, and though I do criticize his politics, when I am critical of his lack of leadership that is a matter void of politics and I will criticize anyone who is a bad leader.

One place you don’t expect to find bad leaders is in the military. Training men to stand and fight requires leaders, everyone in the military is in some form or another versed in leadership. That is what makes it so inexcusable when dumb things happen there.

One of those dumb things is the Armies camouflage pattern.

In 2002 the Marines selected their own independent camo patterns using a fractal or digital pattern, now known as MARPAT(Marine Pattern).

The tiny little colored squares were cool looking and all the rage. Soon the Army decided it wanted in on the action, but the Marines guarded the rights to their pattern and wouldn’t give it up. So what did the Army do? Why hold trials for a new pattern and pick the one that was least effective of course. But it looked cool, almost. It too was digital, but instead of a distinct two sets for woodland and dessert settings like the Marines, the Army ended up with a greenish-blue that most closely that similar color of 1950’s sedans…or couches.ACU-couch-web

All this for a measly cost of $5 billion dollars, because when you’re running two wars you might as well spend money on small things that “look cool” and can be rushed into the field.

Nine years later and now we get the chance to spend another $2-4 billion to replace the ugly useless Army uniforms. Hopefully this time they’ve learned their lesson and will integrate it more slowly so as to save some money since they wasted enough already.

There’s countless better options but likely the Army will pick a new pattern and spend the money to implement it. While effective camouflage makes a difference and the old UCP pattern definitely needs to go, something should be done to simplify the matter.

Do all four branches really need there own pattern? How many decades did we go with one and there were no problems? If they want to distinguish themselves they can add collar and cuff differences to set them apart, Blue for Air Force, Red for Marines, and Gold for Army. The Navy can wear blue jumpsuits or go back to dungarees.

It shouldn’t take a failure of leadership to create a situation where someone else can then make the right decision 9 years later. That is a failure of leadership and it’s amazing to think that we even spend time and money on this stuff again so soon.

The only thing worse than the current Army uniform debacle is that of the Navy.


Whoa, man I almost didn’t see him there.


Here’s a story on the matter for more details.


Stereotype Reversal

NBC sports channel had a boxing preview show yesterday for a match between Tyson Fury, an undefeated white Englishman, and Steve Cunningham, a black American from Philadelphia. (This article offers a little more background).

The match is tonight and both fighters were together on the NBC program yesterday.

What is interesting is the bit of trash talking that was going on. Though it wasn’t really trash talking so much as bragging. While boxing is known for its trash talking, it rarely seems to ever be personal between the fighters but rather something out of the competitiveness of it all.

On to the interesting part is that this bragging/mouth-running wasn’t done how you’d expect. As is so often the case in sports it wasn’t the black athlete running his mouth, but instead the white guy.

I found this to be very refreshing and was pleased to hear Cunningham say that coming from Philadelphia his mentality is that actions speak louder than words and he doesn’t bother with the trash-talk. It’s not often we see humble black athletes and for that I’d like to see Cunningham win tonight, even though the odds look stacked against him.

Examples Of Disgust

Over at popehat there is an excellent post on a disgusting example of government attitude.

The post is, Government’s Opinion Of You, In Thirteen Words.

It’s disgusting and should be the basis for an immediate election to be held for the Senate seat from North Carolina.

Rocks Beat Paper

Peter King, the republican representative from New York is being called out by muslim students at St Johns university in New York because he is scheduled to give the commencement address there for the upcoming graduation ceremony.

The whining, being by muslims, is of the typical nature. He’s a hate-monger, etc.

King sparked controversy by hosting Congressional hearings on Muslim “radicalization,” has commented that most American mosques and has said that “over 80 percent” of American mosques are controlled by radicals, among other comments that have offended Muslims.

King has stated he has no plans to cancel and the latest word is that the university won’t cancel either.Here’s the all important question though. Why is it that muslims can be outraged when someone questions the compatibility/loyalty of islam with life in the US, but people in the US can’t be outraged at the actions taken in the name of Islam.

Being offended at words and question and being offended at actions and events seems awfully weighted to one side.We learn through questions to expand our perspectives. Events sum that all up with certainty.

Muslims may be outraged by Peter King or my words, but I’m outraged at their actions.