Let The Lovefest Begin

Good news everyone, if you’re not one of the 110 million(that’s 1/3 of the population) Americans without an STD things just got a lot easier for you to join the cool kids.

A federal judge has ruled that anyone can now walk into a store that sells the Plan B pill and buy it right off the rack. Previously anyone under 17 needed to provide a prescription.

This is a great day in STD spreading. Now that Sally can head to the drugstore the morning after Tom, Dick, or Harry forgot to pull out and shoot his load on her tramp stamp to vacate that possible pregnancy she won’t get pregnant.

The upside is that Sally now won’t contribute to this countries rapidly growing underclass. The bad news is that Sally is now free to really “be herself” and slut it up, sorry I mean express herself through sexual experiences. The launch of the HHS whore merit badges are greatly anticipated.

The feminist pipeline is ecstatic over this decision. Glory, glory, hallelujah, now women can have control over their bodies. Women should be free to make decisions and not have to deal with the responsibilities. Responsibility is a social construct of the patriarchy meant to keep women down, the fact that women are more than willing to go down is irrelevant.


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  1. While I don’t understand why you’d want to have casual sex, I can understand the whole “not wanting to be pregnant” idea. I’ll be 28 this month, and have never wanted marriage and/or children yet…not even when I was a little girl. In fact, the very idea of being pregnant creeps me out A LOT. If this helps someone to prevent an unplanned pregnancy then I’m for it.

    However, I’m afraid of what the ease of accessibility means for America…our country is not well known for it’s overwhelming intelligence and responsibility. My fear is that this will be used not as an emergency contraceptive but as the standard one. Plan B washes your body with chemicals, and shouldn’t be used by everyone. It also has a limited window of potency, so is nowhere near as good as just staying on the Pill or getting the 3 month injection.

    Also, casual sex leads to STD spread. If you want to have a one night fling, whatever…but PLEASE use a male or female condom, or dams if you’re only doing oral sex. The Pill, Plan B, injections, nuvarings…NONE of them prevent STDs or infections, only pregnancy. If you “care about” this person enough to enter them/envelope them, you should *want* to protect them, yourself, and any future partners. If you don’t give a damn about their health, then you have no right having sex.

    Now, some may feel I’m being unfair. After all, I’ve been sexually active for almost 7 years. However, my current lover is the same man I shared my virginity with and he also had a vasectomy years before he met me. There is no threat of STDs, STIs or pregnancy…and while he had partners in the past, he is clean and still the only man I’ve ever wanted to partake in sex with.

    Other men and women want casual sex. I don’t know why, but I’m not going to judge anyone’s promiscuity. But I *will* judge you for not at least caring about your partner’s health, and relying soley on Plan B if you two want to have irresponsible “fun”. Condoms and dams are your friends, boys and girls!

    • Great comment Anna.

      I don’t doubt that many Americans do lack intelligence and responsibility, but I also the think the problem is that America doesn’t do things halfway. When something happens in America its big and comprehensive. When things like this become allowed they become the norm, rather than the exception.

  2. It has been available to those over 17 without a prescription since 2006, so this doesn’t change much. Speaking anecdotally, the only time I used the “day after pill” was after a condom ripped and it really was a pain in the (fundamental orifice) to have to get a doctor to prescribe it. Now, the pharmacist can serve that purpose (in Europe it’s a far more ubiquitous practice to allow pharmacists that dispensing autonomy and it’s a cost saving alternative to our system).
    Plan B isn’t a casual sex alternative…it’s a very unreliable measure for birth control, as well as prohibitively expensive.

    • You’re right, it isn’t a casual sex alternative, but it still allows for poor decisions to be made more easily.

      Its good to allow those mistakes to be corrected, but it also will make the value of lessons learned insignificant.

      Soon they’ll asking for it to be subsidized and college campuses will have them stockpiled and available for free.

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