EXCLUSIVE: White House Strategy For Korean Attack Leaked

This is an Odins Lounge exclusive. We have detailed plans of President Obama’s plans in response to an attack of any kind by North Korea.







There it is folks. That’s the Presidents plan and as you can tell he’s been working just as hard on it as he has with Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Hold on to your hats.

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  1. My only worry is that they launched a nuke but had it detonate in space or high atmosphere which would cause an EMP and wipe out electronics on the west coast. North Korea is China’s useful idiot to antagonize the USA. I don’t see China letting NK do anything stupid. This is purely a new ruler trying to assert himself to make the clique around him respect him.

    • You’re right about China. The US as a consumer nation is more important to them than NK. If NK does anything we might actually see China be more aggressive in response than anyone. 60 years ago they had reason to support them, today its like talking to that cousin you don’t really know but have to put up with.

      There really is knowing what NK will do though, unless you have intelligence on this or that happening on the inside you just can’t tell what they might do.

  2. Lol! Did Anonymous uncover this?

    Per China, I don’t see any advantage to them in the DPRK’s current posturing here. It’s more like a ‘Mouse That Roared’ scenario with China on the receiving end of the goading. They are the ones who initially broke it and might need to buy it, afterall…

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