Communal Kids

Children are apparently community property. This isn’t really a new idea for progressives but it’s always nice when they bring something up to make themselves look like bigger fools.

Obviously what Melissa Harris-Perry(nice hyphenated name) is ridiculously dumb, and yet many good comrades will be nodding their heads at the collectivization.

Here are the thoughts I immediately had on the matter.

First of all, if the kids belong to the community, then you can fuck off right quick cause you’re not a part of my community. My community covers an area of about 5×5 miles. My collective is not your collective.

Secondly, I’ll care more about my kid than someone else’s kid. Investment my eye. Sure I want little Tommy Twotone from down the street to get educated but here’s the catch, not all the kids are that smart. Lots of people get crappy genes and never have a chance and with hundreds of people in the collective fogging up the poor kids lives they don’t know what to do and while be a collective mess.

I’ll care more about my kid cause I know what he’s made of, literally and figuratively. He’s my kid so I can no doubt connect with him better since I would be the one spending everyday with him. But that whore/alcoholic/methhead/idiots kid is not one I can vouch for so why would I want to put in extra effort with someone I can’t guarantee results from? It’s not that I don’t care about the kids, I would indeed be nice to them, but I wouldn’t intimately care about them. My care would be based on that of being a decent person.

Also, because I know what my kid is made of I won’t push him to do a bunch of useless garbage. If my kids not a bookworm and my efforts to get him to be just don’t take, than I’ll realize that I shouldn’t encourage my kid to go to college if can make a living with wrenches instead.

Then again now that I think about it, maybe we should raise the kids collectively. Truth is we’re all more likely to jettison some goofy strange kid than our own kids. If we do that these kids might get as much attention as their getting now which is exactly what they need, to stop being pampered and to face the real world where things are rough and you get what you earn.


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