When Pride Destroys Itself

There may not be a more pathetic western nation than England.

This thought comes to mind from seeing them celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.

What makes the Brits so pathetic? Many things.

They think they are the greatest people/country on earth. I don’t know a country that doesn’t have pride in itself but the Brits really thing they’re still something. Part of that pride comes from holding out by itself against Nazi Germany early in World War Two. Never mind that the Germans never made a good plan and that the Brits would have even more pride if they’d have had the balls to do something earlier.

What’s worst about the British is that they think they are so smart and perfect when the truth is really quite far from that.

While many of us Americans may be rather dumb, so are many Brits yet they would never admit it. They’re also horrible unfit, being the fattest country in Europe. In essence the Brits are everything they make fun of Americans for, without any of the success. They’re dumb and fat, and on top of that have given their country away in the name of tolerance or whatever progressive term they want to use for their immigration policy. It doesn’t really matter what the Brits think of themselves cause soon they will be an extinct race.

We know the French are just some strange cats, we expect Italians to be disorganized and a bit chaotic, Germans will be efficient and stoic, but somehow the Brits have sold this notion that they are gods gift to earth. However I’m pretty sure the only ones who believe that are non-europeans. People who don’t have to tell with them get sold on this fancy image and don’t realize there’s nothing special about them.

Belgians, Austrians, Spaniards, and Finns don’t buy into it because their not sold it. The Brits know they can’t peddle their story to people whose own stories are equal if not better so it gets sold to the Asians, Africans, and Americans. The fact that English has been sustained as the world’s language by America helps them even more.There’s nothing wrong with a country wanting to take pride in itself. In America we are proud of ourselves for our laws and system of government. However when a country tries to take pride in itself through characteristics that are drying up and shriveling, it’s pretty pathetic. Rather than admitting its relevance is diminished and going out with dignity, Britain has ironically become the but of its own joke.

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