Inhibiting Population

There’s a great article on Zerohedge that is a compilation of statements about how the entire world economy is a ponzi scheme, and it is.

The article goes on to state that because of low birth rates, western nations have been importing immigrants to keep the ponzi scheme afloat in recent decades. There are numerous stats in the article that show almost all the regions of the world are seeing declining birth rates.

Most interesting however was this;

As Thomas Sobotka, one of the authors of a 2011 study on population trends by the Vienna Institute of Demography, told the Guardian newspaper, massive cuts in social spending would only exacerbate the problem. “This may prolong the fertility impact of the recent recession well beyond its end. It could lead to a double-dip fertility decline,” he said.

This is Freakonomics type logic in action. The seemingly “illogical” thought would actually correct the problem, while the “sensible” thought is actually the one making it worse.

Cutting social spending is exactly what we need to reverse the decline in birthrates. The matter is really quite simple. Social spending takes the family out of the equation and fills the gap with the government. Without the government there to meet every need, people must really on their families. That is human history in a nutshell. People have survived and thrived because they had their families to support and care for them.

Beyond the family we have the village, beyond the village, the state, and beyond the state, the nation.

When the government takes the place of families there is no need for families, people don’t get married because they don’t need the benefits and security that it brings and consequently don’t have children. Furthermore, the government as mother and father can’t have any children obviously. And in the west the government parents don’t care if the kids are actually theirs, just so long as they can be used to prop up the system/scheme, hence the immigrants.

If the west, or any region, wants to secure a future for itself it would do good to get the hell out of the way and let the entirety of human history takes it course.

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  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    All this twiddling with birthrates will make euthanasia very tempting for those in control.

  2. The biggest reason in human history to have kids, Besides to have them work the farm harvest, was always as the retirement plan.

    Once its known no retirement plan is safe they’ll ve kicking down doors to make babies

    • I doubt it. Though what you say about the historical progeny pension plan is true (and still true in subsistence societies). Cost to gains wise, in first world countries, babies are extremely, extremely expensive and remain so for a couple decades at least. Working and saving instead of raising four kids would offer a hell of a good pension plan.

      People don’t have children for cost effective reasons, they have them because, though they are very costly, they believe the benefits are beyond price.

      • I agree. People have clearly shown logic is no longer what guides them and the government has shown it will always double down on its failed programs to hold power.

      • I suspect this will quickly change once retirement gets raided by the government. That or when cost of food goes up when the government finally realizes it can’t keep letting illegal immigrants into the country, thus making our food cost what it really costs to be profitable.

        Agriculture and the US economy – largest ‘bubble’ in world history.

  3. Once the oil runs out, back to the solar population levels set in the dark ages.

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