The Chicago Way

Yesterday’s bombing of the Boston marathon is not a good thing. The obvious reason being that many people were hurt and killed due to this sick event. But the further reason is that it gives further cause for the government to increase the security apparatus in response to this event. The department of homeland security isn’t around for nothing.

If it turns out that yesterdays bombing of the Boston marathon was the work of the suspected Saudi, here’s what I would like to see us do, rather than spend our energy tormenting Americans with security procedures is hit the Saudis hard.

The Saudis are the cause of the majority of the problems in the Middle East, look under the surface of any issue and you’ll find a group of Saudis. That doesn’t mean other people aren’t guilty by association/participation, including many Americans, but the without Saudi influence, a great many problems would never happen.

The solution is simple, cut off the Saudis first. No more visas to any person from Saudi Arabia, no exceptions. I don’t care if the King himself wants to give his entire pile of cash in exchange for a tootsie roll. They can all screw off, they get more from us than we get from them. They can sell their oil elsewhere but without us bidding on it(or working on the pumps) it won’t fetch so much on the market.

Second, we literally hit them hard. One of their disgruntled punks comes over to bomb us, we send over a full complement of B-52’s.  That country was built on our money so they can hardly complain that much when we bomb the crap out of it. If they want to stop being rattled by our bombs, then they’ll stop pissing us off. It worked in the old days when Greece or Rome needed to keep a territory loyal and it will work again if we tried it.


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  1. Since we now know the culprits were Chechnyan…Thought you might find the following link informative, offers a diary exerpt from an article detailing the Russian “Chicago way”:

    • Thanks for that Liz. It’s an interesting article and there is naturally so much more to the matter of doing things that way. Still I think a country that lays down and surrenders is as equally as doomed as one that goes out of its way to make enemies for no reason.

      Still, Chechens, can’t say I saw that one coming at all. I don’t think anybody did. Is it Islamic, perhaps but I think the truth is going to be a nasty knot of feelings, beliefs, and emotions that we won’t ever be able to untangle.

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