Good News on Guns, For Now

The good news is that all the phoney baloney gun control proposals were defeated in the Senate.

It shows that despite their best efforts some members of the US government still have a little intelligence.

However the matter is not done. New efforts will be started and next time they will be more subtle in order for progressives to get their way. And if their beaten back from the walls again it still won’t be over. They’ll fall back and regroup as many times as it takes. If their repeated charges continue to fail they’ll hide and wait it out til they think they’ve identified another weak spot in the wall to attack.

It could be in a year, two years, ten years, or forty years, but they will be back. The best thing we can do as Americans is to learn guns and shooting and teach others as well. As less Americans own guns and have feelings about the 2nd amendment, the progressives will have an easier time scaling the walls and breaching the fortress we call America. Once that happens the ransacking, and pillaging cannot be stopped.

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  1. My sons went out hunting with my husband two days ago, for wild boars. Each was able to take down a running boar with a single shot (my husband included, he is an expert marksman). It was their first hunting trip. The guy they were with has been hunting for years, and he had to reload, then chase the boar down for about an hour before finally killing it. I think we’re pretty good if we ever need to rely on our weapons! (Princess stayed home…that would be me) 🙂

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