Rocks Beat Paper

Peter King, the republican representative from New York is being called out by muslim students at St Johns university in New York because he is scheduled to give the commencement address there for the upcoming graduation ceremony.

The whining, being by muslims, is of the typical nature. He’s a hate-monger, etc.

King sparked controversy by hosting Congressional hearings on Muslim “radicalization,” has commented that most American mosques and has said that “over 80 percent” of American mosques are controlled by radicals, among other comments that have offended Muslims.

King has stated he has no plans to cancel and the latest word is that the university won’t cancel either.Here’s the all important question though. Why is it that muslims can be outraged when someone questions the compatibility/loyalty of islam with life in the US, but people in the US can’t be outraged at the actions taken in the name of Islam.

Being offended at words and question and being offended at actions and events seems awfully weighted to one side.We learn through questions to expand our perspectives. Events sum that all up with certainty.

Muslims may be outraged by Peter King or my words, but I’m outraged at their actions.


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