Stereotype Reversal

NBC sports channel had a boxing preview show yesterday for a match between Tyson Fury, an undefeated white Englishman, and Steve Cunningham, a black American from Philadelphia. (This article offers a little more background).

The match is tonight and both fighters were together on the NBC program yesterday.

What is interesting is the bit of trash talking that was going on. Though it wasn’t really trash talking so much as bragging. While boxing is known for its trash talking, it rarely seems to ever be personal between the fighters but rather something out of the competitiveness of it all.

On to the interesting part is that this bragging/mouth-running wasn’t done how you’d expect. As is so often the case in sports it wasn’t the black athlete running his mouth, but instead the white guy.

I found this to be very refreshing and was pleased to hear Cunningham say that coming from Philadelphia his mentality is that actions speak louder than words and he doesn’t bother with the trash-talk. It’s not often we see humble black athletes and for that I’d like to see Cunningham win tonight, even though the odds look stacked against him.


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