German Economic Affects on America

Read this story from Zerohedge about German industrial overseas investments.

German industrial companies now consider investing overseas – to build new operations or expand existing ones – more attractive than investing at home. China retained the top spot for the third year in a row. The Eurozone, eclipsed by China in 2011, continued to decline. The attractiveness of other target markets slid as well. But there is one market whose attractiveness jumped: the USA!

Other regions also declined on the German industrial priority list: South America down to 23% from 24%, Asia without China down to 27% from 28%, and Eastern Europe and Russia down to 25% from 26%. The only region that actually grew in importance was the US. In 2005, only 20% of the companies wanted to invest there. In 2012, it rose to 26%. In 2013, it jumped four points to 30%, the highest ever.

Then head over to here to read this explanation of the parties involved in Germany’s upcoming elections. If I had a vested interest in German politics, I’d personally want the Bavarians of CSU or possibly AfD to win. But I don’t have any personal interest in Germany other than having enjoyed my time in that country.

Having said that, a win by one of the liberal parties of Germany could be great for America in the sense that a win for the liberals in France was great for the countries that absorbed the fleeing French millionaires and their money.


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