Gun Rights At Sea

File this as another example of proof of guns for self defense. However in this case we have not self defense of your home or person but of an ocean going vessel.

After more than half a decade of Somali men attacking Indian Ocean shipping from small speedboats with AK-47s, grappling hooks and ladders, the number of attacks is falling fast.

The last merchant ship to be successfully hijacked, naval officers monitoring piracy say, was at least nine months ago. It’s a far cry from the height of the piracy epidemic two years ago, when several ships might be taken in a single week to be traded for airdropped multi-million dollar ransoms.


Like many merchant vessels, the QM2 now carries armed private contractors when passing through areas of pirate risk.


According to the European Union anti-piracy task force EU NAVFOR, 2012 saw only 36 confirmed attacks and a further 73 “suspicious events” – incidents in which a crew report a suspicious craft that might be pirate but could also be simply an innocent fishing boat. That itself was a substantial fall from 2011, with 176 attacks and 166 “suspicious events”.

Only five ships were captured in 2012, down from 25 in 2011 and 27 in 2010.

Once again the best offense proves to be a good defense and for self protection no matter what the scale guns are the best tool for the job.


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  1. No one will want to hear these facts, it doesnt serve the sheeple

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