At Least They’re Comfortable

Jack Donovan linked this article yesterday. It’s an interview with Noam Chomsky who goes on to say Obama is attacking American civil liberties. That’s not what I’m bringing it up for though.

What I want to point out is the circus that is the liberal excuse machine(rationalization hamster) found in the comments section.
For example;

facetfact mmckinl19 hours ago

Chomsky – republican bullshit – This was started and strengthed by republicans. There is no way to reverse the trend – from the GPS in the cars, to the street cameras, to the individual records of money spent and on what – it’s a done deal.

Bill_Perdue m8lsem12 hours ago

You’re wrong. It began with Carter (trucking, air, rail) continued under Reagan and Bush1, reached acoptyliptic heights under Clinton, continued under Bush2 and is much, much worse because of Obama’s sequestration law. (He signed it and is implementing it and it’s his. Republicans are, or course, cheering it one.)

m8lsem Bill_Perdue12 hours ago

I was unaware the President could enact a law. I keep think Congress has to do it, and these days, it takes Teapugnican consent.

Nick Rudolpha day ago

The biggest mistake Obama has made is allowing the stupidity of the Bush/Cheney regime to continue into his administration. We are seeing the results of this stupidity in West, Texas. They removed all oversight and control of the chemical industry in favor of their campaign donations and now people are dying because of their greed and stupidity. You cannot trust an industrialist to self-police any more than you can expect an illegal alien to self-deport.

And in Texas, we have the moron of the century, Rick Perry, further destroying any oversight and even after a disaster, he stands before thepublic and says, “there was nothing wrong with the fertilizer plant in West.” What an idiot.

cgoslinga day ago

Let’s not forget, voters did not elect a perfect deity to lead the country. Voters had to choose between a young Democrat with promise and a multi millionaire Republican who sold his soul to the wealthy few who supported him. Obama’s policies have been squashed by Republicans whose only objective was to “defeat him in the next election.” The choice was simple then, and even more simple for the next election. Vote the Republicans out and give the Democrats a chance to fix the nation.

It would be funny to watch progressives spin that hamster wheel if it wasn’t so damn destructive. They march in time with Obama and the progressive ideology, but when it’s pointed out they’re doing the exact same thing that they hated Bush for doing, they manage to excuse their behavior as different somehow. Apparently republicans somehow start everything out of malice, and democrats keep it going because they’re forced too.

And the thing is, this article doesn’t even have that many brain-dead commentors on it. I might even say there were more dissenters than rationalizers. Still on other progressive “news” sites, the wheels are found spinning overtime.

What further proof could be needed that the majority of progressive points are nothing but shallow, meaningless, attempts to achieve relevance through phony mental masturbation. Just don’t tell them otherwise, cause as far as they know they’ve achieved nirvana and are the center of the universe.

That’s not to say there aren’t conservative rationalizers or that they don’t do things wrong, but at least when they rationalize things it’s ideas original to their platform and not selling out for the things they used to hate just so they don’t have to beat themselves up over it.


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  1. Hey, this brings up a really important point to me, can you answer it for yourself if its the same? When I started taking the pill in regards to girls it essentially shifted my politics pretty huge too, I used to be pure-liberal but I see what a joke the left is, but the right is a joke too, I see the illusion for what it is.

    • The left is a pure joke, both in their ideas and they way they are delusional about them. The right is a joke in the sense that it is no better at getting things done, but at least the ideas and principles of the right actually work or have benefit.

  2. I had to laugh out loud when the reporter started asking of the ‘left’ would be persecuted like they were in the 60’s. Doesn’t matter that they control popular media, or education, or businesses marketing PR, or the financial marekts, or even the short term demographics momentum, they have to always be under threat of persecution. It was the same shit with the soviets and their go to western imperalism pablum they feed to their adherents. Grain not getting to the markets fast enough and rotting in the field? Western Imperialists. Long queues for the basic necessities? Western Imperialists.

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