Political Formating

Monday I wrote about the legions of progressive keyboard warriors fighting the good fight in the name of whatever their latest cause is. This caused to me think of something that’s pretty simple. Now because it’s simple at first I didn’t think it was important to mention. However as I thought on it, I realized it often is the simple things that cause problems because people don’t have the proper baseline understanding of certain concepts.

The simple thing I thought of is the difference between someone who changes their mind, a hypocrite, and rationalization. To compare these differences we will use chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Our baseline character will be a person who loves chocolate ice cream. They believe it is the best ice cream and the only way to go. They might even say that we shouldn’t even make vanilla because everyone should be eating chocolate anyway. It’s all chocolate as far as they are concerned.

Now we will apply each of the different mentalities to that person and see what is behind it.

Our character can freely change his mind. The ability to think is what sets humans apart from animals, and if our character has an experience that makes him feel that vanilla ice cream is acceptable, than he can do so freely. Whatever it was that changed his mind, he has the mind to change.

A hypocrite is when our character enjoys vanilla in private but still campaigns against it. They will continue to beat vanilla to a pulp, even though they like/support/use it simply because it is politically expedient and gets them votes. They might have an excuse for why they do it, typically based in narcissism.

Rationalization. This is when our vanilla hating character calls for all those who voted for vanilla to be tried for war crimes. Only once they get into power, they end up not only not changing anything but actually doubling down on the support for vanilla. However, when they are called out on this, they will rationalize it away with excuses like “We’re just doing what was already started, we didn’t even get to pick the flavor, we don’t really have any power, it’s still all your fault, there is absolutely nothing I can do”.

And that’s a simple comparison of changing your mind, hypocrites, and rationalization with a political undertone.

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  1. Haha! Well done.
    I might tweak the rationalization a bit though. In a true political analogy, they wouldn’t call it vanilla anymore, they’d name it something different and try to convince everyone that it wasn’t the same thing.
    “Vanilla is the devil! We support yellow-nillabean!”

  2. Well said. Reminds of a lot of military officers I have worked for.

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