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I don’t usually share much personal stuff, but I thought I would for this. After making it through it all the different steps I recently got a new job. It’s something new so I don’t know how it will go but it certainly promises to be exciting work and it even comes with a travel component.

What is the work? You’ll have to pardon my vagueness but it’s(could be) a combination of liaison, investigating, and analyzing. The exact work will vary over time but basically I’ll go around talking to people and trying to put together a picture of how things are going. It’ll be interesting for me because analysis of people is something I consider myself to be good at, but I’m not really a good chatter. I can BS and make a pitch, but idle chit-chat makes me uncomfortable, so I typically don’t. I have a good reputation for being candid and not full of it, which earns me respect even from people who know I’m not a chatter. Still it will probably be something useful to get better at. “Hey, how bout this weather?”

As I mentioned there will be a travel component. The company has offices in many states, as well as doing business overseas as well. In fact I am already scheduled to move in a few months for a short term(several months) assignment to get acquainted with the job and then I’ll be put somewhere else again. That could very well be the pattern of my life for the near future, regularly moving around and not really settling anywhere. On the one hand how can I know if I want to settle somewhere if I’ve never been there yet, but it still isn’t anything I ever expected even though I like travel.

I should also mention that this will impact my blogging, particularly in the upcoming months as I’ll be slammed with work for periods at a time. Though at the moment I’m in one of those swings where I don’t feel like posting much anyway, I’ll prepare posts in advance for when I know I won’t be able to write anything new and have them scheduled so there will be regular content, it just won’t be anything with current events.


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  1. Good luck with the new job! 🙂

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